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Free upsize promo starbucks

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“You’ve got to ask. Asking, is in my opinion, the world’s most powerful and neglected secret to success and happiness.” –Percy Ross

A couple of weeks leading to Mother’s Day Starbucks Philippines ran a promo – free upsize of the above drink (note to self, post regularly lest you forget). So as I did my usual meetings during the said days, I got myself a free upsize every time.

The free upsize though is only for this specific drink. Way after Mother’s Day I decided to give it a try – ask for a free upsize (even if it was way past Mother’s Day) plus asking for an upsize for a different drink.

So I went into the counter, chatted up with the barista, then placed my order. I said one of the above drink (drink 1), and another coffee drink variant (drink 2). I usually just order cappuccino, so the rest of their coffee variants, I am really not that familiar

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